Digital Hopeinside the circle

Visions of Escape

By Tactical Tech
four images of hyper futuristic landscapes, structures, and buildings in
uninhabitable places such as the desert, marks and over flooded area.
Curation by Tactical Tech. Featuring the companies: Wetropolis, Ecocapsule, Marscoin and The Line.

As our living environments deteriorate, architects, technologists, entrepreneurs and governments begin to invest in designs for how to live in uncertain times, from learning to survive constant flooding to creating desert utopias. Some start-ups sell the dream of retreating to self-sustaining off-grid pods whilst others promise autonomous systems on other planets. The future worlds we design can teach us a lot about the perspectives and worldviews we have now. What kind of future escape would you design?

Top Left - Wetropolis: A floating city for a post diluvian future
Bottom Left - Ecocapsule: Off-grid living pod
Top Right - The Line: A civilisation revolution in the desert
Bottom Right - Marscoin: Cryptocurrency incentivising space exploration