Digital Care

inside the circle

Crisis creates trade-offs.

Care versus control. Safety versus surveillance. Freedom versus security. When we try to mitigate the impact of a crisis, how do we navigate the dilemmas these exceptional moments bring? How can we balance individual rights with the need for collective action?



The platforms, apps and devices we use on a daily basis can be adapted and repurposed to meet new needs in exceptional times. Which of these adaptations will remain long after the crisis subsides?


From the smartphones in our pockets to satellite images taken from above, data about our mobility is extremely valuable. It details where we go, when we stay home and what we may do next. In aggregate, it creates larger pictures that might reveal patterns about populations and their behaviours. But what do we know about how these traces are used and who can use them?


What happens when crisis is monitored not by governments and authorities, but by individuals, investigators, artists and technologists? How do the perspectives change and what kind of data becomes valuable? And what new insights can we gain from it?