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Technologies of Hope and Fear: 100 Pandemic Technologies

2021 By Tactical Tech
4 drawings of different technologies. Top row shows a man using a voice
recognition device. The second image shows a smart watch showing a
recognition of diseases. The bottom rows shows a drawing of a woman with
facial recognition, and the second image is also of a smart phone and voice
Illustration by La Loma, based on projects featured on “Technologies of Hope: 100 Responses to the Pandemic” by Tactical Tech 2020

Tactical Tech, featuring products by Amazon, Immutouch, Sickweather and C-FACE

If we look at technological innovations throughout history, what can we learn about the surrounding events and anxieties that led to their invention? Technologies of Hope and Fear takes a snapshot of 100 technologies adapted and developed in response to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic — from those that promise to control the spread of the virus to those that promise to predict where it will go next.

Amongst the products are a patent for a personal assistant that detects when you’re sick and offers to get you medicine; a wristband that buzzes when you touch your face too often; an app that forecasts outbreaks of illness by analysing local social media; and a ‘smart mask’ for breathing safely that can also translate and transcribe what you say.

illustration of a heartbeat.
Illustration by Ann Kiernan.