Digital Careinside the circle


2019 By Manu Luksch
An image of a man sitting on a white chair with a black and red digitally
manufactured background with text reading "Good News" in the top right hand
Film still from “ALGO-RHYTHM”, 2019 by Manu Luksch.

Manu Luksch, featuring Gunman Xuman, Lady Zee and OMG

Renowned Senegalese hip-hop musicians, poets and street artists sing about algorithmic governance in this provocative short film by Manu Luksch. In the story, a data broker from a fictional company, Data Analytica, pitches his services to two presidential candidates. The broker offers the politicians the digital traces of urban voters and the promise of political manipulation. With the threat of an AI-driven democracy looming, a news reporter from the future gives a glimpse into the world these practices will ultimately create.

ALGO-RHYTHM, 2019. Directed by Manu Luksch Starring: Gunman Xuman, Lady Zee, OMG