Digital Doubt

inside the circle

Crisis challenges the status quo.

What new questions are raised and what new ideas are born when communities, artists and technologists take on the world’s problems? Through play­­­ful, provocative reflections, critical inter­­ventions and alternative systems, we as users can also question the premises that our technologies are designed upon. What would it look like if our apps, games and devices were designed for a society or even for nature as a user, instead of individuals?



Is ‘getting back to normal’ after a crisis even possible? Sometimes it’s better to start over. Artists and activists show us how we can use disruption as an opportunity to rethink ‘business-as-usual’.


The infrastructure for technology and innovation is monopolised by big corporations. But there is a spectrum of makers, artists and researchers rethinking models and methods of technology design. What would happen if those outside of big-tech infrastructures were able to scale their ideas?


Technologies are increasingly shaping our societies. Does that mean that we have to let them shape us? With social, ethical and environmental concerns in mind, what demands should we make of the techno­lo­gies that we come to rely on?