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San Andreas Streaming Deer Cam

2015-2016 By Brent Watanabe
An image taken inside a game world, in it is a deer
A still frame from San Andreas Streaming Deer Cam, 2015-2016 by Brent Watanabe.

A computer game is a self-contained world built on specific scenarios — but what happens if you go off-script? Artist Brent Watanabe creates interventions into games that disrupt the normal order of things, changing the premise of the game. In this version of Grand Theft Auto, he programmes a wild stag to react to the urban world it roams. At times the animal wanders silently through empty streets at night; at others, it clashes with humans on street corners. Made four years before wild animals roamed empty city streets during global lockdowns, this simulation shows us the potential of computer games to play out utopian and dystopian scenarios that may or may not come true.

San Andreas Deer Cam: offline footage, 2016 by Brent Watanabe.