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Syrian Digital Memory

By Mnemonic
A photograph showing a lilac and white wall, with a shelf filled with
books and literature in the centre. The walls and floor are dirty, the
aftermath of war. There is writing, eyes, hearts and scribbles on the wall.
“Protection from Bullets”, 2013 by Muzaffar Salman. Photograph, 50 x 70 cm.

The Syrian Digital Memory project recognises civilians’ documentary practices — digital images, videos and social media posts — as valuable digital records of the everyday experience of living through conflict. The project not only creates an essential archive from the surviving witnesses of atrocities, it also rehumanises these experiences by connecting them to social, individual and collective memories.

A photograph of a house that was destroyed. In it you see a hand holding up a photograph of a girl to the camera. It depicts scenes of war.
Image from Syrian Digital Memory, a project memorialising documentation of the 2011 uprising and its subsequent war.