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AI and Future Crisis

2022 By Tactical Tech
Six illustrations of different types of technologies repurposed during
Curation by Tactical Tech. Featuring the companies: Wetropolis, Ecocapsule, Marscoin and The Line.

AI is being tested and developed to manage, avert and protect societies from future crises, from carbon emissions to pandemics to natural disasters. Combined with emerging technologies such as synthetic biology, AI can also take us beyond the imagined: it can create digital twins of the planet and enable precision farming to monitor individual plants across millions of hectares. It even promises to re-engineer extinct and near-extinct species. As humans rely on artificial intelligence more and more to resolve the problems we have created, where will it lead us? Who will own the insights it generates?

A black and white illustration of a map of the world with different locater dots dispersed around the world, with a caption that reads: 50.62 Billion Tonnes of C02 Emissions
A black and white illustration of various people and virus and bacterias. Lines connect them to each other.
A black and white drawing of a map of a city, with an arrow pointing to a specific location, and a scale showing there is an increase in Risk Factor.
An image of a mammoth with a Genes/DNA structure running through it.
An image of geometric blocks on the top side of the image, there is a line running through the middle, and on the bottom side the blocks are more detailed looking like city structures.
An image of a corn crop, with a satellite about it.

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