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DyNaMo (Dynamic National Mobility)

2017 By Changeist
An image of a field kit (a box with a printer, and various cables coming
out of it)
DyNaMo Field Kit, from Changeist.

Changeist for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)

Most projections predict that the number of stateless people will increase significantly due to conflict, displacement and extreme weather events. DyNaMo is a speculative design project created to help the IFRC imagine its future work. A field kit provides displaced people with short-term e-citizenship, temporary biometric identities and funds to last 120 days. Despite being imagined in 2017 as a future provo­cation, similar humanitarian solutions for displaced people are already being tested by UNHCR and the World Food Program.

Field Kit instructions
Instruction card for IV&R kit operator, 2017, from Changeist.

DyNaMo field kit schematic, 2017, from Changeist.