Digital Hopeinside the circle


2019 By Jake Elwes
an image with 12 birds, displayed over 4 rows. The birds are of different
shapes and sizes, they looks somewhat realistic but also blurred and like a
painting. They are standing at a backdrop that resembles the sea. They are
machine generated images.
12 stills of generated birds from "Cusp", 2019 by Jake Elwes

In CUSP, a neural network trained on photographs of marsh birds generates new bird-like forms from the original species. The resulting images morph between recognisable, distorted and painterly, creating an uncanny version of tidal wildlife. The artist then designed an animation of these AI-generated birds in the natural habitat of UK coastal marshes, initiating a surreal dialogue between the artificial and the real wading birds.

CUSP Performance, 2019, by Jake Elwes and Cameron Thomas. At the Zabludowicz Collection.