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A Drop in the Ocean

2019 By Tactical Tech
An image of a black cartoon head, with a white oval in the center coming
out of the head to form a sparkling icon
Drop in the OCEAN by Tactical Tech. Illustration by La Loma.

‘Psychometric profiling’ is a technique used in micro-targeted advertising that cate­gorises your personality based on your responses to surveys. Initially used by the now-defunct political influencing company Cambridge Analytica, psychometric profiles characterise you based on the ‘OCEAN’ model; how open, conscientious, extroverted, agreeable or neurotic you appear to be. A Drop in the Ocean invites you to take an OCEAN test and see how your score changes the kinds of messages and images you receive — from ones that play on your fears to those that ignite hope.

GIF inspired by A Drop in the OCEAN
GIF inspired on A Drop in the OCEAN by Tactical Tech.