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YANTO – yaw and not tip over

2022 By Iris Qu Xiaoyu, Marc Lee, Shervin Saremi
A colourful image depicting the image of fish and corals in the ocean. The
images are artificially generated, making the fish look somewhat realistic
but also artificial. There is a graph on the top left-hand corner tracking
how many of the simulated fish are alive and dead.
Screenshot from YANTO – yaw and not tip over by Iris Qu Xiaoyu, Marc Lee und Shervin Saremi (Sound). Courtesy of the artists.

Marc Lee, Iris Qu Xiaoyu and Shervin Saremi’s collaborative AI project YANTO – yaw and not tip over simulates a speculative underwater environment 30 years from now This virtual scuba dive imagines an ecosystem of organisms that have been technologically altered in order to survive climate change. Some animals have 3D-printed shells to control their body temperature and pH, while plant life is genetically modified or artificially produced in order to reduce ocean acidification. 

Relying on technological innovation, YANTO proposes a provocative solution to the climate crisis. Floating through the simulation’s blue waters, the artists push viewers to interrogate a widespread tendency to idealise the potentials of technology. If this is what an exclusively technological solution to climate change looks like, is it what we want?

YANTO - yaw and not tip over, screen recording, 2022. By Iris Qu Xiaoyu, Marc Lee, Shervin Saremi.