Everything Will Be Fine

An exhibition by Tactical Tech

How do you respond in a crisis?

Everything Will Be Fine explores how people understand and respond to global crises like climate change and pandemics through the lens of technology.

From the spread of conspiracy theories on social media to the promises of artificial intelligence, it seems like technology both amplifies the root causes of our problems and provides ground-breaking solutions. But do digital technologies change our understanding of and responses to crisis? If so, what new questions do they raise and how are they shaping the future?

Join this journey of self-reflection and critical investigation around the themes of Digital Panic, Care, Doubt and Hope.

Will everything really be fine? Will technology help us fix the current challenges, or will it exacerbate them?

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Promotional Exhibition Trailer: 'Everything Will Be Fine', by Tactical Tech and Klaas Diersmann

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Everything Will Be Fine presents the work of more than 60 artists, researchers, technologists and others from around the world.

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